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Brendan Farrell

Brendan is freelance writer based in Wicklow mainly catering for the Irish diaspora. He and his wife also own Turin Castle in Co.Mayo which is run as a luxury self catering business.
Brendan has worked in publishing, journalism, engineering and now tourism. He is well travelled and has lived and worked in The Far East,Middle East, England and continental Europe.

Ancient Irish had a greater appreciation and understanding of their environment

Our ancient ancestors held a deep respect and reverence for nature especially  for trees. The Druids recognised five great trees known as The Guardians of the Five Provinces as highly sacred entities. The trees, three Ashes an Oak and a Yew were located at Meath, Kildare, Carlow and Mide ( central Meath) and represented the  cardinal points of the five provinces with...

Lady Betty

Lady Betty, thief, Murderer and Executioner Elizabeth Sugrue was not a popular figure in Roscommon; She was known to have a violent temper, had robbed and murdered her Son and had literally saved her own neck by volunteering to hang 25 individuals including children. Sugrue was born in Kerry around 1750 her Husband had died, leaving her with two young children...