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Submission Terms & Conditions


All contributors must agree to the following terms before submitting to this website.

  1. You hold the rights to submit this content to us: Either you are the copyright holder, or you have properly attributed the Creative Commons / GNU / Public Domain source.
  2. You agree to your submission being reviewed and edited before publication, which means that we may change parts of it.
    • Any edits that would substantially alter your work will be agreed with you, the author. Otherwise, a new author’s name will be associated with the piece, if it’s a complete rewrite.
  3. You agree that by submitting your work you give IrishHistory.com the perpetual and irrevocable right to publish it.
  4. You will cite sources and write a bibliography (if appropriate), and you confirm that none of your content is plagiarised.
  5. You give IrishHistory.com the right to remove your submission from its website, even after it was previously published.
  6. IrishHistory.com may use your content in derivative works, such as social media posts, printed matter, advertisements, or books. If the derivative work is sold for profit, IrishHistory.com will contact you for your approval first, and share its profits with you.