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I'm just someone who enjoys knowing a little about my local area, and helping others to learn about theirs too.

If you'd like to contribute to this website, please get in touch.

The history of Clifden, Co. Galway

The name Clifden means ‘An Clochán’ in Irish, or ‘Stepping Stones’. The town was founded at the start of the 19th century by John D’arcy (1785-1839) who lived in Clifden Castle (now in ruins). He inherited the estate when it was mostly used for fishing and farming. In 1820, a failed potato crop caused suffering and D’arcy...

A brief history of Kilkee, Co. Clare

Kilkee, Co. Clare began as a small fishing village which gained popularity amongst the wealthy in Limerick who were unable to travel around Europe due to the Napoleonic Wars. Many of them visited Kilkee for its natural amenities and bathing areas. In the 1820s a paddle steamer service commenced from Limerick to Kilrush, which provided easier access to the village for...

Glendenning Monument, The Octagon, Westport

The Glendenning monument was erected in 1845 to commemorate the memory of George Glendenning (1770-1843), a local land agent and wealthy banker. It’s said the statue was erected not for the esteemed manner of his memory, but because he left a large sum of money in his will to have it erected. The monument was known locally as ‘Big George’ and stood...