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Burtonport in 1893

The tourist should visit this interesting spot, at which a boat may he chartered for Arran and the other islands. The position of “the Port,” as it is locally called, is extremely advantageous for commercial purposes, especially as, through the energy and enterprise of Messrs. Hammond & Herdman, regular steam communication has been established between this district and Londonderry. We are agreeably surprised to find the magnificent warehouse erected by Mr. James Sweeney, J.P., replete with all
modern improvements, and adapted in every sense to suit the commercial requirements of the district. It is a proof, if proof were wanting, of the energy and vitality of the Celt, and, if Mr. Sweeney’s ancestors were ”renowned among heroes, the champions of the valour of the Gaels, the star of the conflict of the men of Ulster,” with truth may it be said that in the peaceful pursuits of commerce, Mr. Sweeney is a worthy descendant of the old stock, realising the truth of the saying that “the pen is mightier than the sword.”

Extract from:
Scenery & Antiquities of North-West Donegal (1893)
Photos from The Lawrence Collection

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